Introducing School of Issachar 2017: Evangelism

In my younger years, I spent a lot of time evangelizing; it included both public and private, corporate and individual spheres. That was a great period of my life. I think I enjoyed the private, individual interactions the best. Sometimes, though, my friendship evangelism approach was perhaps a little more “friendship” than “evangelism.” There’s a fine line, of […]

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New Activities at Chronicles 2017!

A couple of updates for Chronicles 2017. First, we’ve had to raise the price for the weekend–to $170 per person. Second, we’ve added paintball and a visit to the Big Valley Creation Museum as optional activities on the weekend. These optional activities involve an additional fee (paintball fee TBD, museum fee is $5/person, $15/family), so […]

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Upcoming Events

Mar 23

Weekend in the Word 2018: Marks of a Believer

March 23, 2018 - March 25, 2018
May 25

Chronicles 2018

May 25, 2018 - May 27, 2018

Compass Call is a hands-on, overarching organization that is committed to the principle of equipping for every good work (II Timothy 3:17). Compass Call is committed to the advancement of wholesome, practical discipleship primarily in Alberta and British Columbia, with the purposeful vision of expanding to other provinces and states. We feel there is a cry for discipleship in homes, churches, and schools, that Compass Call is seeking to fill.