Introducing School of Issachar 2017: Evangelism

In my younger years, I spent a lot of time evangelizing; it included both public and private, corporate and individual spheres. That was a great period of my life. I think I enjoyed the private, individual interactions the best. Sometimes, though, my friendship evangelism approach was perhaps a little more “friendship” than “evangelism.” There’s a fine line, of course, and after all these years, I’m still trying to find that balance.

I have been so burdened in recent weeks about the needs of those around me. This has been fueled, in part, by a little business venture we have at local farmers’ markets. There are so many empty lives all around me, down here in rural Alberta! Maybe the Spirit is preparing me for this weekend, I don’t know.

We welcome yet another experienced Christian worker, Peter Daley. He has spent many years on the mission field and in the classroom. In fact, he will be rushing back from a month-long stint in Angola just to be with us at School of Issachar. He and his wife Louise make their home in central Montana.

Please check out Peter’s list of topics to be tackled. Among others: the true and false Gospel, the Gospel mandate for all believers, and how to deliver a personal testimony. This weekend will be very much an “equipping” one.

In addition to the challenging teaching, come to Pine Lake Christian Camp for the usual fun, food, and fellowship—and canoes!

— Craig Funston

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