Compass Call is a hands-on, over-arching administration that is committed to the principle of teaching and training believers in the Scriptures. Compass Call is committed to the advancement of wholesome, practical discipleship primarily in Alberta, with the purposeful vision of expanding to other provinces and states. We feel there is a need for discipleship in homes and churches which Compass Call is seeking to fill. We are excited to see how the Lord has slowly but definitely led a number of believers to attend, lead, teach, or serve at School of Apollos, Weekend in the Word, Chronicles, School of Berea, or School of Issachar.

The current board of advisors is a group of fathers that share a similar vision for individuals and families to be equipped and established in God’s ways. We continue to meet together, seek God’s face, and provide leadership in the above mentioned training events.

Compass Call, and all that it represents, is very much a grassroots movement. Please pray for us as we look to the Lord for His leading and direction. We hope that this website will facilitate the release of training material, upcoming events, and the ability to network with other believers.