School of Issachar
understanding our times, understanding our mission

Two things stand out in reference to the sons of Issachar (I Chronicles 12.32): One, they understood their times; and two, they understood their mission, relative to those times.

We can learn many valuable lessons from the sons of Issachar for our present post-Christian era. Any Biblical foundation that our culture once had, any Biblical values that impacted our society, have been dangerously eroded over these past few decades. More than ever before, we need to understand the culture around us; then we need to know how to confront it—with the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.

The School of Issachar is a weekend given over to equipping believers, young and old, for just that. Our goal is to teach skills, insights, truth, and application, from an evangelical Christian worldview. It will have a special appeal to those who have a vision for evangelism and apologetics.

There is a new generation of unbelievers that needs to be presented with the truth of new life in Christ; and we need the tools to be able to reach them with this wonderful message.