"why Christian history matters"

Compass Call is happy to announce yet another equipping weekend! Chronicles will be all about Christian history, the grand journey of faith that all believers benefit from. Interestingly enough, the secular world has been blessed with it, too! In fact, Western civilization owes a great debt to its Christian heritage.

The tag line for Chronicles is “why Christian history matters,” because, well, Christian history does matter. Over the next few years, we plan to examine people, trends, and events that have marked the work of God throughout the world, throughout the ages.

There appears to be woeful ignorance and under-appreciation for the men and women who have gone on before us. These men and women have been part of a movement here, a development there, and have lived their lives (and given them, too), for the sake of the Gospel.

The root word for Chronicles is “chronos,” the Greek word for “time.” To chronicle is to record events as they have happened in time; a chronology is the study of the order of time that something took place; and a chronicler records things that have taken place.

You have heard it many times before, I'm sure, but if we don't know where we've come from, we won't know where we're going. The first history weekend is slated for May 26-28 (2017) in central Alberta. It will be like other Compass Call events, namely, for all believers, young and old, who are serious about their faith.